Build Your Own Property Management Website

Does your property management business need a home on the web? Start building your own online property management website today with Buildium!

Thousands of happy customers have created their own property management websites using Buildium’s property management software. Landlords, professional property management companies, and condo and homeowners associations alike enjoy the convenience of our comprehensive online property management tools that integrate your portfolio with your financial accounts.

Advertise Vacancies

Online property listings have the potential to reach prospective tenants around the world with the click of a mouse. How else can relocators and students spending summers away from home find your vacancy?

With Buildium, you don’t have to manually enter property information and photos each time a property becomes vacant: every last detail is retained and searchable.

Each property has its own dedicated page – add photos, details, amenities and more.

Display your highlighted and in-demand properties from your homepage.

A full directory of your properties lets potential tenants search for vacancies that meet their preferences.

Track Analytics

Smart property managers monitor their website’s analytics to keep an eye out for trends. Perhaps you’ll notice that you’re getting the most traffic on properties with more photos or pet-friendly policies.

Knowing these details can inform and enhance your marketing efforts. To start tracking analytics, all you have to do is create an analytics account (with Google, for example) and drop in the code.

Setting up custom analytics for your website is as easy as cut and paste.

Stay on top of your analytics to know which properties and pages are getting the most traffic.

Personalized Webpage

Property portfolios are not all created equal, so why should your website be? We understand the importance of branding and have made it easy for you to customize your website in a way that is very much “on-brand.”

Building a website for your property portfolio has never been easier. You don’t have to know how to code to create a functional website, but for the tech savvy among us we have provided the freedom to edit and insert custom CSS.

Take creative control of your homepage and custom pages by adding text, photos, and even flash.

Edit your source code to embed Youtube videos, insert weather widgets, and more.

For a uniquely aesthetic website, you can upload a style sheet (CSS) to use in place of a standard skin.

Choose one of many free skins to effortlessly personalize the look and feel of your website.

Online Application Forms

Gone are the days of messy paperwork and informal notes penned on application forms. By moving the application process online, you save your staff and applicants a lot of time.

Customize your application forms to include pertinent information about applicants such as references, co-signers and guarantors, emergency contacts, and more.

Run background & credit checks and accept payment for application fees – no paperwork required.

Build a rental or housing association application based on the details most important to you.

Online Payments

Part of the accounting powers you wield as a Buildium subscriber is the ability to accept payments online and pay bills. These payments might include monthly rent, application fees, deposits, or pet deposits.

Facilitating these online transactions safely and securely means you won’t have to worry about checks getting lost or arriving late in the mail. Take the nag work out of your daily grind by arranging a recurring process to notify tenants of overdue balances.

All of your bills and work orders can be paid and managed from your online portal.

Accept payments for monthly rent, condo fees, and housing association dues.

Electronically file (e-file) your 1099s for contracted work such as maintenance or consultation.

Hosting Flexibility

Want free hosting for your website? We’ve got you covered. Buildium customers can host their website on our domain without having to pay for domain registration or yearly hosting costs. Your web address will look like this:

Want to use your own domain name? Why not! Once you’ve purchased your domain name and website hosting, you can embed resident log-in features, rental listings, and other elements to integrate your website.

If you want to embed your contact, application, or listings pages into a domain you own, Buildium will help walk you through the process.

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